Iran’s Supreme Religious leader Khamenei more dangerous than Hitler, says Saudi Crown Prince

Third World WarWashington: Severely criticizing Iran’s Supreme leader, Saudi Arabia’s ‘Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’ said, “Iran’s Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei is more dangerous than Hitler. There is an evil trio operating in the world. Iran and the terrorist organisations ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ with ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘IS’ constitute the evil trio.” Prince Mohammed said that the Jewish people were entitled to their land clarifying his stand on the Israel issue. He has become the first important Arab-Gulf leader to support Israel in such open manner. These statements made by Prince Mohammed in an interview with the United States monthly ‘The Atlantic’ have created a sensation around the world.

Prince Mohammed expressed his aggressive views about varied disputable issues ranging from Iran to Israel without any reservations. ‘Iran’s Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei can be more dangerous than Hitler. Hitler wanted to conquer only Europe. But Ayatollah Khamenei wants to conquer the world,’ said Prince Mohammed showering criticism on Khamenei. Prince Mohammed has even previously, compared Khamenei to Hitler. In the interview given to ‘The Atlantic’, Prince Mohammed said that there was an evil trio operational in the world and blamed Iran to be at the top. Prince Mohammed accused Iran of attempting to spread its extremist ideology everywhere and having the ambition to bring the whole world under its control.

saudi arabia, iran, Khamenei, mohammed bin salman, israel‘Our religious leader who has never come out in front of the world will make his appearance in the world and will rule the world through Iran, is what they feel. Iran is taking steps in that direction and Iran wants to bring the whole world including the United States under the influence of their religion,’ Prince Mohammed warned about the Iranian ambition with this statement. While Iran has taken this path, ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, an organisation active in the Gulf countries is working on the political front. Their modus operandi is that the organisation comes in power through the democratic means and then starts using this power for the efforts to spread their religion around the world, said Prince Mohammed.

Prince Mohammed reminded that Al Qaeda chief ‘Osama Bin Laden’ and Ayman al-Zawahiri and the leaders of IS were all a part of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ previously. The terrorist organisations ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘IS’ are openly attempting to win the world and establish Islam through violence. But this not what Islam preaches. It is the God’s order to spread Islam. But Islamic religion does not allow use of violence for this, Prince Mohammed emphatically said during the interview.

Prince Mohammed took an entirely different stand on Israel and claimed that the Jewish people have a right on their land. Prince Mohammed also said that Saudi Arabia is not opposed to Jewish people. At the same time, he praised Israel for its big economy in spite of being a small sized country. Prince Mohammed has also claimed that the relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia are similar to that of Israel and the ‘Gulf Cooperation council’.

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  1. Sanjay Nesarikar   April 9, 2018 at 6:55 am

    Hari Om,

    Yes. Events in middle east are moving at fast pace. Nobody could have imagined that Saudi Arabia will recognise the right of Israel to exist and defend itself. Also Israel and Saudi Arabia having common enemy. Most unthinkable things are taking place.

    Ambadnya Naathsamvidh


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