Iran on the brink of war, chief of Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Third World WarWashington: Commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami roared ‘This is a decisive moment in the history of Iran. Iran is on the brink of a comprehensive war against its enemy. In this war, Iran will retaliate with all its might and win against the US-Israel front.’

Only a few hours ago, Iranian supreme commander Ayatollah Khamenei declared that there will be no war between Iran and the United States. Khamenei had claimed that although there is a major military deployment in the Persian Gulf, a war between Iran and the United States is not possible, in the near future. But the chief of Revolutionary Guards, ultimately under Khamenei’s control, said that Iran is on the brink of war.

Iran, brink, salamiMajor General Salami targeted the deployment of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, B-52 bombers and Patriot air defence system, in the Middle East. Major General Salami warned, ‘The United States has brought Iran to the brink of a comprehensive war, with the deployment of all this weaponry. Iran is ready for this war.’

Major General Salami ‘The enemy countries are making all the possible efforts to destabilise Iran and demoralise the Iranian people. But they will not succeussed in their efforts. This is a very crucial moment in the history of Iran and Iran will emerge victorious in the war.’ Whereas, Iranian Defence Minister Hatami said that the United States and Israel are making a huge conspiracy against Iran. Hatami said that Iran will foil this plot and will emerge victorious in the war with Israel and the United States.

The US intelligence agencies had warned regarding the increasing Iranian movements in the Strait of Hormuz. The intelligence agencies had claimed that rockets on the patrol boats can prove to be a threat for the US an allies’ ships in the region. Thereafter, the United States initiated major military movements in the region.

The opposition parties in the United States and even the European allies had criticised the decision of US President Trump. But the photographs of the Iranian patrol boats with rockets are appearing in the media. The US media have pointed out that the US interests in the Gulf are under a direct threat releasing these photographs.

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