Hong Kong protesters gain support at the international level

Third World WarHong Kong: Germany has delivered a jolt to China, who has been telling the United States and the western countries to keep out of the Hong Kong issue. Joshua Wong, the youth leader of Hong Kong protests, received a welcome in Germany. German Foreign Minister met Joshua Wang and held discussions. Earlier, Former US Secretary of Defence James Mattis had affirmed that Hong Kong is not an internal matter for China. Not only this, but Mattis also appealed to the United States to stand firm behind the people of Hong Kong.

Joshua Wang, leader of the anti-China protests in Hong Kong, visited Germany on Monday. Wang presented his stand on the human rights issue in the German parliament to seek international support against the Hong Kong administration, which is favouring the communist Chinese government. “If we are in a new cold war, Hong Kong is the new Berlin,” said Wang while clarifying that the protests during the cold war period in Berlin and the protests ongoing in Hong Kong are similar.

Hong Kong protesters gain support at the international levelChinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying heavily criticised Germany for allowing Joshua Wang to speak in the German parliament. Chunying said that the German Foreign Minister had shown disrespect for China by meeting Wang.

Joshua Wang is scheduled to visit the United States after Germany. Wang will be appealing to the United States to support the protestors in Hong Kong, during his visit.

Since the last few days, the protestors in Hong Kong have been making an emotional appeal to the US President. Placards with the message, ‘President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong’ were displayed in front of the US embassy in Hong Kong.

Since the last few days, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has taken note of the appeals being made to the United States, the United Kingdom and the other western countries by the protestors in Hong Kong. China has yet again warned the United States and the other western nations to not interfere in the internal matters of China. But without paying any heed to the Chinese opposition, the former US Secretary of Defence, James Mattis announced support for the protestors in Hong Kong. Former US Secretary of Defence, James Mattis asserted, “These protests are no more an internal matter of China. When people stand up for their rights, we must stand behind them. The United States has taken this stand even before and should adopt the same stand even today.” At the same time, Mattis expressed displeasure over the Chinese policies regarding Hong Kong.

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