US hand in Hong Kong agitation, severe accusation by China

Third World WarHong Kong: 44 protesters, from Hong Kong, who took part in the anti-China protests, were arrested on Tuesday. Thousands of protestors gathered outside the police station where they were kept and denounced China giving slogans. The protestors warned that China is trying to scare us, but we will continue with the protests. Moreover, the protestors have shown that they will not bow in front of the Chinese tactics of oppression, by calling for extensive protests on August 5 whereas, China has accused that the United States has a hand in the Hong Kong protests.

The outburst of the public protests begun in the last month has not still subsided. On the contrary, these protests are intensifying by the day. On Tuesday, the Hong Kong administration detained 44 protestors during an action. All these have been charged with attacking the police, carrying dangerous weapons and creating disorder. The protestors had sit-in protests in front of the police station for the release of their comrades.

US hand in Hongkong agitation, severe accusation by ChinaIt was becoming difficult for the police to control these thousands of protestors. Videos of the incident have been shown on nearly all news channels, around the world and are gaining good publicity. The footage shows protestors shooting a video bravely standing in front of the policemen aiming their rifles towards them. Some youth from the protestors warned that the protests will continue and will not be scared by whatever measures taken by China.

A call for more extensive and intense protests, on August 5, has been given. This is becoming a headache for China and will prove to be a significant long-standing challenge for China. In 1997 China took over Hong Kong. While taking over Hong Kong, China had promised not to change the autonomous status of Hong Kong. Therefore, the monopoly of Chinese rulers could never enter Hong Kong.

The one country two systems policy was implemented in China and Hong Kong. But in recent times, China started making preparations to implement one country one system policy. For this, the pro-Chinese administration took certain decisions favouring the Chinese communist government. Bill for the extradition of criminals to China, was one of those decisions. Loud protests sparked in Hong Kong following the decision. The protestors have made crushing criticism that the current administration in a puppet in the hands of the Chinese government. The protestors have also accused that China is behind the actions being taken against them.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had suggested that China should handle the Hong Kong situation appropriately. China has severely criticised the suggestion, and Chinese foreign department spokeswoman Hua Chunying has held the United States responsible for the protests. Chunying said that the United States has a hand in the Hong Kong protests. Since the very beginning of the protests, China has accused the western countries of having a hand in the demonstrations. Now that China has directly levelled the accusation against the United States, there is a possibility of a new dispute starting between the United States and China.

China had warned that force might be used to quell the protests in Hong Kong. Reacting to that, the United States had said that use of force could have serious repercussions.

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