China risks losing Taiwan ‘forever’ due to action in Hong Kong, claims US strategist David Roche

Washington: US analyst David Roche claimed that China, who has gained control over Hong Kong, will never be able to take over Taiwan. Since the last few months, China has initiated aggressive moves against Taiwan. Only last week, the Taiwanese Foreign Minister had expressed fears that Taiwan can become the ‘Next Hong Kong’. Against this background, the claim made by Roche is noteworthy. 

David Rosh

Chinese communist regime has tightened its grip further on Hong Kong. Therefore, China will never be able to merge Taiwan with itself. Taiwan may become the price paid by China for acquiring Hong Kong. Roche said during a program on a private news channel that Taiwan has drifted further away from China because of the developments in Hong Kong, or it can even be said that China has permanently lost Taiwan.   

David Rosh

Roche said ‘The Chinese regime has always kept the option open to take military action or to acquire Taiwan. But it is doubtful that China will exercise this option. There is a possibility of US-China relations being soured if China exercised this option. This is very unlikely at this time, with a cold war-like situation between the United States and China.’  

Chinese ruling government implemented the National Security Law in Hong Kong, from the 30th of June. It is being portrayed that the law is being implemented to stop anti-China activities in Hong Kong. But in reality, the Chinese government has taken control of the Hong Kong administration, along with all the other events in Hong Kong. Severe reactions have been received from the international community, and moves have been initiated to take action against China. Still, the Chinese communist regime has shown no signs of relenting on the Hong Kong issue.   

David Rosh

Instead, China has initiated actions on the military level to take over some part of the South China Sea and Taiwan. The United States and Taiwan, aware of this fact, have initiated steps to retaliate against China. The United States has formed a front of countries from the Indo-Pacific region to curtail the Chinese aggression, and pressure is being increased on China through this. Against this background, the claim made by Roche becomes significant.   

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