US should not interfere in Hong Kong, demands China while staging a political protest

Third World WarWashington: Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon in Hong Kong, visited the United States and met vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The discussion during the meeting were said to be centred around the current protests in Hong Kong and the criminal extradition bill, against which the people of Hong Kong are protesting. China reacted to this by lodging a political protest against this. Moreover, the Chinese foreign ministry appealed that the United States should not interfere in the Hong Kong issue.

us, china, hong kongAlthough Hong Kong is under the Chinese rule, the political system in Hong Kong is entirely different from the authoritarian rule in China. China is preparing to dismantle the system and a bill was recently presented in Hong Kong, envisaging extradition of criminals to China. Severe reactions emanated from the people of Hong Kong against it. The China and the pro-Chinese Hong Kong administration had to retreat, in view of the strong protest. Although, the administration has shown willingness to withdraw the bill, the people of Hong Kong are not willing to believe China and the local administration of Hong Kong.

Therefore, the protests in Hong Kong still continue. These protests receive complete support of the western countries and the western countries have taken a stand to reprimand China. The United Kingdom has issued a stern warning to China, in this matter whereas, the United States has warned China that the legitimate demands of the people of Hong Kong cannot be ignored. Against this background, Jimmy Lai, owner of a renowned newspaper and periodicals, visited the United States.

us, china, hong kongJimmy Lai apprised Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo, regarding the situation in Hong Kong, during the meeting. It is said that the extradition bill also was discussed during the meeting. China has reacted to this meeting and has lodged a protest on the political level. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman appealed to the United States not to interfere in the Hong Kong issue. The foreign ministry spokesman said that the United States should respect the laws and avoid actions, challenging the stability and security of Hong Kong.

Even earlier, China had lashed out at the western countries, asking them not to interfere in Hong Kong. At the same time, China had accused that the protest in Hong Kong were a part of a conspiracy by the western countries,against it. But the United States, the United Kingdom and other western countries are saying that the demands of the people of Hong Kong are legitimate and China cannot oppress these protestors whereas, the protestors in Hong Kong have taken an adamant stand that the protests will continue till all their demands are accepted. At the same time, the protestors are saying that they do not approve of the local administration, which is a puppet in the hands of Chinese authoritarian rule.

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