China has no space for Hong Kong independence; warns China

Beijing/Hongkong : ‘Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China. Hong Kong can never be granted independence under any circumstances. This is the most basic and most important thing in the ‘One Country-Two Systems’ principle and any damage to it can never be tolerated’ warned a senior Chinese official Wang Guangya. This warning from Wang Guangya, the Head of ‘Hong Kong Macau Affairs Office’ of the Chinese government, is regarded as significant.  The President-Elect of the US Donald Trump has given indications of isolating China over the issue of Taiwan. Against this background, China’s warning over the issue of independence of Hong Kong holds significance.

China has no space for Hong Kong independence; warns China

Over the last two years, the dissenting voices in Hong Kong against China are becoming stronger, which has considerably increased headache of the Communist regime of China. Similarly, members opposing China, have managed to sneak into parliament of Hong Kong. This has disturbed the plans of China in Hong Kong. In the year 1997 when China took over Hong Kong from Britain, the Chinese government had got the ‘one nation, two systems’ policy approved. However, now the Chinese government is trying to do away with this policy and form an authoritarian regime in Hong Kong.

For this, efforts are being made to make changes in the prevailing political and administrative systems in Hong Kong. But these efforts being undertaken by the Chinese government, have evoked a strong reaction in Hong Kong and two years back, large scale demonstrations were also held in the city. The silent dissenting sentiments against China among the Hong Kong citizens, had come out in the open through these demonstrations and its repercussions could also be seen in the recently held elections. Preparations were also on, to stage new demonstrations against a decision taken by the Chinese parliament some time back.

Against this background, the senior Chinese official, by reiterating the stand of ‘not granting independence to Hong Kong’, have given clear indications that China will continue its policy. However, even if the independence will not be granted, the difference between the two administrative systems of China and Hong Kong shall be honoured, assured the Head of the ‘Office of Hong Kong Macau Affairs’. However, Wang Guangya also stated that China shall strictly adhere to the ‘One country’ principle for this.

Britain had recently accused China of adopting a hypocritical stand in case of Hong Kong, regarding democracy and human rights. British leaders also mentioned Hong Kong during the Britain visit of a Chinese senior leader, informed sources.

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  1. Nikhil Bhalwankar   January 8, 2017 at 3:53 am

    By looking at the china’s bullying in south china sea region and even with its own citizens, this was bound to happen. China may have to face more such movements in near future.


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