Biggest threat to Mideast security is Iran’s expansionism: Saudi King Salman

Riyadh/New York: – Iran has intensified its expansionist activities under the pretext of the nuclear deal signed in 2015 and has strengthened its terrorist network. Through this, Iran has increased disorder, terrorism and religious extremism. Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud appealed that if Iran has to be stopped from acquiring weapons of mass destruction, all the world leaders need to come together. At the same time, King Salman said that it is necessary to take tough action against the Iran-supported terrorist organisation, Hezbollah. King Salman targeted the Iranian expansionist activities during his first speech at the UN General Assembly. King Salman accused that the nuclear deal signed, five years ago, between the permanent members of the US Security Council and Iran was responsible for these Iranian expansionist activities. Saudi has learnt a big lesson that the Iranian threats cannot be stopped by cajoling and trying to resolve the issues temporarily. The Saudi King clarified that if Iran has to be stopped from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, comprehensive action and a firm international resolve is necessary.   

king-salaman At the same time, the Saudi King blamed that Hezbollah was responsible for the blast at Beirut in Lebanon. The Saudi King demanded that the terrorist organisation Hezbollah, who has seized power in Lebanon of the strength of its weapons, should be banned. Saying that Saudi had adopted a patient stand regarding Iran, which proved useless, the Saudi King welcomed the efforts to start a peace process in the Middle East. King Salman announced that Saudi wholly supports the efforts begun by the United States to include Israel and Palestine in an honest and comprehensive dialogue, to establish peace in the Middle East.   

Meanwhile, Iran was given economic concessions as per the agreement signed with the western countries in 2015. Iran was given these concessions to limit its nuclear program. But these concessions also did not stop the Iranian nuclear program. Because of this, the United States withdrew from the agreement, denouncing it as the worst ever agreement in history. After that, the United States imposed sanctions against Iran in stages and only last week, announced harsher sanctions. But Iran claims that the US sanctions are not having any detrimental effects on Iran. Whereas, the European countries also have taken a stand that they will not be supporting the US sanctions.   

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