Hezbollah’s hidden arms stockpile may cause more disasters like Beirut: Israeli PM Netanyahu

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused that the terrorist organisation Hezbollah was responsible for explosion in Beirut, last week. Netanyahu warned that if any further disasters like Beirut are to be avoided, missiles and arms piles hidden by Hezbollah, in the urban areas will have to be destroyed. Otherwise, these arms piles will cause more Beirut like disasters. At the same time, Netanyahu appealed that Lebanon should accept the aid sent by Israel for the victims of the blast.

More than 200 people were killed and thousands were injured in the massive blast caused by Ammonium Nitrate, in the Beirut port. The explosion wiped out the food grain stocks, stored at the port and various organisations are claiming that the blast has caused a loss of $15 to 30 billion to Lebanon. Against this background, French President Emmanuel Macron had appealed to all the major countries in the world, to come forward to help Lebanon. Capital worth $300 million has been collected, following the French President’s appeal and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the efforts of the French President. Netanyahu said in the meeting with the French President that Israel was willing to send aid for the blast victims to Lebanon and appealed that Lebanon should accept the aid, keeping the enmity aside.

At the same time, Netanyahu blamed the Hezbollah for the Beirut blast without naming it. Netanyahu pointed out ‘If the repeat of the Beirut blast is to be avoided then the missiles and explosives hidden by Hezbollah in the urban areas should be destroyed.’ Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Hezbollah should not make the blunder of having a wrong idea that the problems faced by Lebanon will be resolved by starting a conflict with Israel. Israeli Defence Minister Beni Gantz also accused Hezbollah of hiding arms stocks in the urban areas, in every Lebanese city. Gantz also warned that this hidden and unsecured arms stock could spell disaster if a conflict is sparked between Israel and Lebanon, in the coming times.

Since the last few days, the Israeli media are claiming that Hezbollah is responsible for the Beirut blast. These media claimed last month that Hezbollah has hidden missiles and explosives in at least 28 locations near the civilian settlements, in the city of Beirut. Whereas, in 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had presented the photographs of the Hezbollah’s arms pile, stocked in Beirut, in the UN General Assembly. Netanyahu had accused Iran of assisting Hezbollah to build the arms pile. Both Hezbollah and Iran had dismissed these allegations.

Meanwhile, the preliminary investigations into the Beirut blast had revealed that the unsecured stock of Ammonium Nitrate was responsible for the blast. The customs officials posted at the port had clarified regarding this. Lebanese President Michell Aoun had tried to pin the blame on Israel saying that the blast was caused by a missile fired by an external power.

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