Iranian military starts ‘Biological Warfare’ exercises  

Third World War

Tehran: – Iranian military has started comprehensive ‘Biological Warfare’ exercises. Along with the Iranian military, the air force and navy also are participating in these exercises. The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian military, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, gave the information regarding the war exercises. As per the Iranian media, these exercises are important against the background of the Coronavirus rampage in Iran. Whereas, the importance of the Biological Warfare exercises has also increased in view of the current developments in the Gulf.  

Major General Mousavi called for an urgent meeting of the military officials through video conferencing. He instructed to hold Biological Warfare exercises all around the country. He also said that supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei had issued instructions for these exercises. The Iranian Commander-in-Chief informed that an effort would be made to contain the Coronavirus epidemic rampant in Iran through these exercises.   

Major General Mousavi said that 300 health units will be built in Iran during these exercises. There are nearly 14,000 cases of Coronavirus in Iran and 724 have died. Therefore, as per the Iranian media, conducting these exercises at this time is an effort to face the Coronavirus crisis developed in Iran.  

But the concerned exercises will also be conducted in the Arak, Bushehr and Hormozgan cities in Iran, which are linked to the Iranian nuclear program. The air force and navy have been asked to build new bases in these cities. The Iranian military clarified that this development is against the background of the Biological Warfare exercises. Therefore, analysts in the Gulf are claiming that Iranian Biological Warfare exercises are indicating differently.  

Meanwhile, Iran had signed a nuclear deal with the United States and its allies in 2015. Iran had asked assistance from Germany for making chemical and biological weapons in the same year. The Israeli media had carried reports regarding this. The Israeli media had stated that the German agencies had also endorsed the Israeli claim. Iranian Biological Warfare exercises are being viewed against this background. 

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