Strong protests held by Nepalese population against Chinese expansionism  

Kathmandu: – Strong demonstrations were held in Kathmandu against China for constructing 11 buildings in the Humla district of Nepal, near the Chinese border. The protestors gave slogans like ‘Go back China’ and Back off China’ in front of the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. The protestors accused that China could intrude into Nepal due to the incompetence of the KP Sharma Oli government. The Nepalese people are accusing that China is carrying out this intrusion by taking advantage of the severe cold and by changing the course of rivers flowing into Nepal. The discontent regarding the Oli Sharma government in the Nepalese population increased further as the foreign ministry of Nepal itself dismissed the allegations along with China.   

A few days ago, Vishnu Bahadur Tamang, the chief of the Namkha village council, exposed the Chinese intrusion into the Limi Lapcha area with photographs and videos. Tamang accused that Chinese People’s Liberation Army has staked a claim on Nepalese land, which had a few hutments in the past, by building 11 buildings. China, who was defensive in the matter initially, has bluntly refused the accusations and has published maps showing these regions as its own territory. When a team from the Nepalese home ministry went to the border to inspect, Chinese soldiers came there in jeeps, tankers and trucks and forced the home ministry team to return. Therefore, the anger in the Nepalese population against China is increasing by the day.  

Against this background, strong protests were held against China who is trying to grab Nepalese land. Shankar Hamal, the President of the Nepalese Student Association, led the demonstrations. The protestors gave strong slogans ‘Return the Nepalese territory’, ‘Stop Chinese expansionism’ and ‘Down with China’. After this, the Nepal police forced these anti-China protestors to disperse. These are the second protests held in Kathmandu against China in the last two months. 

Along with these protests by the Nepalese student association, Nepal Congress, the opposition party in Nepal, has indicated holding nationwide protests against this Chinese infiltration. The Oli government is on the back foot because of the reports that the border pillars on the Nepal-China border, which define the boundary, have gone missing. Reports are also being received that China has changed the course of rivers flowing into Nepal while constructing roads in the autonomous province of Tibet. It is claimed that China has grabbed Nepalese land near the rivers in the Limi Lapcha area using a similar methodology. Limi Lapcha is a crucial location, where you get a very clear view of the Kailash Mansarovar. Reports had also been received that China has deployed missiles for use against India in this area. Meanwhile, the Oli government is not willing to take any stand against China, thus adding further to the ever-growing anger of the Nepalese population.   

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