Those threatening to destroy Israel will be destroyed, Israeli Prime Minister warns Iran

Third World War

Tel Aviv: ‘The countries talking about wiping out Israel from the world map will also face the same threat. No efforts made to destroy Israel will succeed,’ warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is being claimed that this warning issued by Prime Minister Netanyahu while speaking at a program at the only Israeli nuclear power plant Dimona, is but a nuclear warning to Iran.

Last week, Iranian Defence Minister Khatami had visited Syria and met President Assad. Justifying the Iranian military deployment in Syria during the meeting, Khatami announced a new military cooperation agreement between Iran and Syria. The Iranian Defence Minister claimed that the new agreement is a threat to the very existence of Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister seems to have reacted to this claim.

The military cooperation between Iran and Syria does not affect Israel, said Prime Minister Netanyahu. But those talking about annihilation of Israel should remember that they will also share the same threat, reprimanded the Israeli Prime Minister. Prime Minister Netanyahu also alleged that Iran is a threat to the security and stability in the Gulf and that this threat is increasing by the day.

The Israeli Prime Minister announced once again that, ‘Israel will continue its attacks on the aggressive Iranian military deployment and arms smuggling in Syria.’

Netanyahu issued this warning to Iran while speaking at a function organised at the Dimona nuclear power plant in Israel. Dimona is claimed to be the sole nuclear project in Israel. Iran and other countries opposing Israel have claimed that with the help of this nuclear project Israel has made a nuclear bomb. Iran had also complained that Israel had not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty despite having a nuclear plant. Israel had ignored the Iranian allegations and the United States and allies had supported Israel on the issue.

The threat of the Israeli Prime Minister is being taken seriously as it was issued from the dais at the nuclear plant. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Sharif has criticised that this threat is an act of utter shamelessness. He also referred to the Israeli Prime Minister as combative in his social media post.

A few days ago, the Iranian Foreign Minister had severely criticised the US President in a similar manner.

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