Attacks will continue in the same way, on the enemies of Israel, warns Israel Defence Minister

Third World WarJerusalem: Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett issued a stern warning saying, “The attacks on the enemies of Israel will continue, in a manner similar to the action carried out by Israel in the Gaza Strip, a few hours ago. The Israeli attack on Islamic Jihad in Gaza, is a message to all its enemies. If you plan an attack on Israel in the morning, you will be finished before nightfall.” Israel further warned that if the Islamic Jihad did not stop the attacks on Israel, their leader holed up in Lebanon will be targeted. Although there is no direct mention, reportedly these warnings issued by Israel are directed towards Iran.

Israeli security agencies eliminated Baha Abu Al-Ata, a senior commander of Islamic Jihad, on Tuesday, early in the morning. The Islamic Jihad instigated by the death launched 220 missile attacks till Wednesday afternoon. The Israeli military claimed that the Iron Dome air defence system neutralised 90 of these missiles. The Israeli military claimed that despite this, 48 Israeli citizens were injured, in the Islamic Jihad attacks.

Israel retaliated against Islamic Jihad. Israeli fighter jets targeted the bases used by Islamic Jihad for launching rockets and also their training centre. 23 people were killed in this action and Israeli military claimed that 12 of these were Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Attacks will continue in the same way, on the enemies of Israel, warns Israel Defence MinisterHowever, the Hamas agencies in Gaza accused that those killed in the attack were Palestinians. At the same time, Hamas announced that it was joining Islamic Jihad, in the attacks on Israel. In view of these developments, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called for an urgent meeting of the National Security Advisor, the security committee and senior military officials.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told media that there will be no inhibitions while taking actions against Islamic Jihad, who has been attacking Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister claimed that the action in Gaza will continue for a few more days whereas, Bennett who took over as the Defence Minister only two days ago, warned that the attacks on Islamic Jihad is a message for all the enemies of Israel.

The Islamic Jihad and Hamas from the Gaza strip have complete Iranian support whereas, Hezbollah and Iran affiliated groups have setup their bases in Lebanon and Syria respectively. The Israeli media claimed that this proclamation by the Israeli Defence Minister was a warning for these groups while, Israel warned that the Islamic Jihad from Gaza, should stop the attacks on Israel, in time, or Israel will target the Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad Al-Nakhalah, holed up in Lebanon. There was an attack carried out on the home of one more of the Islamic Jihad leaders, in the Syrian capital of Damascus, at around the same time as that of the attack on Baha Abu Al-Ata. The Syrian government accused Israel of being responsible for the attack.

Meanwhile, rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel have been facing criticism worldwide. Germany has said that there can be no justification of the terrorist attacks on Israel whereas, the US state department announced that the United States was standing behind Israel. Indians too have welcomed the counter terrorism campaign initiated by Israel, on the social media, making India’s clear that they stand with Israel in this campaign. The Israeli embassy in India has acknowledged the Indian sentiment and has thanked the Indians.

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