Massacre the Jews and take over Jerusalem; Imam Okasha incites the Gaza public

Third World War

Gaza: Imam Ahmed Okasha, a religious preacher from the Gaza Strip, made a provocative statement saying, ‘Jerusalem should be captured only after the massacre of the Jewish people.’ Only a day before this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned that the extremists in the Gaza Strip had declared a Jihad against Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister had also expressed anguish that some western leaders were deliberately ignoring this reality.

Imam Ahmed Okasha issued an inciting statement which said, ‘Jihad in Palestine is the most important Jihad in the world. There is no dispute over this. Jews have acquired the land which belonged to the Muslims. Therefore, Jerusalem which is in the hands of the Jews has to be taken over only after the massacre of these Jewish people. There is a severe conflict going on between Israel and Hamas from the Gaza Strip, and in such circumstances, the inciting statements by Imam Okasha may have dire effects.

There are nearly 10,000 people from the Gaza Strip violently protesting against Israel, and some of them have been injured in the Israeli action. However, the Hamas supporters were still not willing to withdraw from there. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the situation might fester further. In such a scenario, people like Imam Okasha are making the situation more explosive with such inflammable statements against Israel and the Jewish people.

Israeli Prime Minister had made a statement that the extremists in the Gaza Strip have declared Jihad against Israel. This is a threat not only for Israel but for the entire world. Saying that these extremists will attack all the democracy-loving people of the world, he appealed to the world for unity. The Israeli Prime Minister criticised that some of the western countries were however not willing to accept this and had preferred to ignore it.

The Israeli Prime Minister had warned the whole world with a suggestive statement, ‘Not only this, but the Gaza war is the miniature version of the world war of the future.’ Within a day of these statements of the Israeli Prime Minister, Imam Ahmed Okasha issued this inciting statement preparing for this warning to become a reality.

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