Restless over developing ties between Israel and Arab states, Palestine pushes for Arab League session

Third World WarRamallah/Jerusalem: The Palestinian government in the West Bank is becoming restless with the developing cooperation between Israel and the Arab countries. Fearing that the issues of independent Palestine and East Jerusalem will be disposed of if Arab-Muslim countries develop cooperation with Israel, Palestine has called for an urgent meeting of the ‘Arab League’ and ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’.

Idriss Deby, President of Chad in Africa, is on a visit to Israel where he met the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this visit, the President of Chad appealed to Israel to improve relations with the Islamic countries Sudan, Mali and Niger in the African continent. At the same time, Deby requested Israel’s assistance to tackle the IS problem in Chad. Before the African Arab-Muslim countries initiated efforts to establish cooperation with Israel, last month Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had expressed willingness to develop cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

arab league, palestine, israel, israelThe Israeli Prime Minister had indicated that the cooperation between Israel and Saudi will be important to counter the increasing Iranian influence in the Middle East. Following this, the Israeli Prime Minister proceeded on a visit to Oman. During the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit, Sultan Qaboos, the head of State in Oman indicated developing trade and economic cooperation with Israel. Other Israeli leaders also had visited Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The Palestinian leaders are worried because of these ever-increasing moves for cooperation between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries.

Nabil Shaath, the advisor to the Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, criticised the developing cooperation between Israel and Arab-Muslim countries while talking to an Israeli newspaper. Shaath clarified, ‘No cooperation can be developed with Israel until the issues of independent Palestine and Israel agreeing on the peace proposal of the Arab League are resolved.’ The advisor to the Palestinian President demanded an explanation from the Arab-Muslim countries for trying to develop cooperation with Israel. Another Palestinian leader appealed to the Arab states to take action against Israel. Reactions are expected from the Arab-Muslim countries to these remarks.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced his plans for visiting more Arab-Muslim countries.

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