Amid NATO’s vast military exercises, Russia’s missile cruiser enters the Arctic

Third World War

Moscow: Amid the US-NATO’s vast war exercises presently underway in northern Europe, the Russian army activities have suddenly increased in the area. After the NATO exercises commenced, Russia announced of holding nuclear missile exercises and sent its leading missile cruiser to the Arctic region, informing that the warship would be taking part in the drills.


Pyotr Velikiy, a Russian missile cruiser has entered the Barents Sea in the Arctic sector. The cruiser is said to have reportedly sailed through the region where the US-NATO joint military exercises are underway, while on its way to the region. The move has raised questions over Russia’s motives.

Last week, the Trident Juncture 18, the massive NATO military exercises commenced in Norway. The exercises are considered to be a decisive milestone for the NATO exercises till date, considering the participation of more than 50,000 military personnel, advanced warships and fighter jets from 29 countries. Although, the NATO officials have always maintained that the exercises aim to test the defence capabilities and are for security, Russia has expressed displeasure regarding the exercises since the very beginning.

Russia President Vladimir Putin took an aggressive stance and declared new Russian war exercises in an area near the location of the US-NATO military exercises. Following the announcement, the flights of the Russian fighter jets over Europe also have reportedly increased. The Russian officials informed that the Pyotr Velikiy would be performing an anti-aircraft and anti-submarine defence drills. The Pyotr Velikiy is a Nuclear Missile Cruiser and is equipped with anti-aircraft, anti-warship and anti-submarine missiles.

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