Cold War has reached at a dangerous point, warns former Soviet Union President Gorbachev

Moscow :  The former President of Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev has expressed concern stating, ‘The language of political leaders and military personnel worldwide, has become increasingly militant. The international relations are deteriorating and the cold war has reached its extreme. These are the preparations towards war and a conflict will soon ignite’. Gorbachev stated this while giving an interview to a German newspaper. Earlier also, Gorbachev had expressed concern over the growing tensions between the US and Russia and had warned that the same would ignite a world war.


‘It is evident that the relations between major nations are deteriorating. This gives clear indications of an ongoing cold war. Hence, a situation has arisen where war can ignite any moment’, in these words, Gorbachev expressed his concern in the interview given to the German newspaper ‘Bild’. Since past few days the tensions have increased globally, due the Military operations of the US. After the chemical attack in Syria, the US had carried out intensive attacks over the Syria’s Idlib airbase. A few days later, the US had dropped ‘Mother of all bombs’ over the ‘IS’ base in Afghanistan.

After this attack, the US Aircraft carrier warship ‘USS Carl Vinson’ has been dispatched towards North Korea. The US President and the Vice President are indicating that the tolerance of the US towards North Korea is ceasing. At the same time, the US bases in the European nations have become more active and NATO has increased its activities in the European nations. This is being countered befittingly by Russia. Under such circumstances, the tensions between the US and Russia seem to be on the increase. There is a rising criticism that President Trump’s policy to establish good relations with Russia, has failed.

Gorbachev has made it clear that he has faith in Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Western media is criticizing that Russia, by taking an aggressive stand, is challenging the US and the NATO nations. Gorbachev has expressed his discontent over this. However, Gorbachev warned that a grave situation may soon arise, where war can ignite anytime, if we all sit idle without intervening. Earlier also, Gorbachev had expressed serious concern over the tension between the US and Russia. Having expressed fear that the tensions between the two nations may lead to a war, Gorbachev had advised both the nations to reduce the tension by the means of dialogue.

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