US Secretary of State reaches Israel

Jerusalem: US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited Israel on Wednesday, in an effort to set the process for the peace proposal given by President Trump in motion. At this time, Pompeo discussed the Israel-Palestine peace deal and Iran with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli government will be in place on Thursday, after a wait of several months. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opponent Benny Gantz will be forming a coalition government. The US Secretary of State visited Israel only a few hours before that and held discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the meeting, Pompeo appealed to act on the peace proposal given by US President Donald Trump. The US Secretary of State expressed hope that the Netanyahu-Gantz government will decide on the proposal by the 1st of July.

As per the proposal given by US President Trump, 30% of the West Bank will remain with Israel, and the remaining 70% will be declared as a Palestinian zone. The United States is claiming that if this proposal was implemented, peace would prevail in the Gulf region. The Palestinian leaders have discarded the proposal. But the United States is firm on the proposal, and Pompeo appealed that the Israeli government should implement this proposal. The US and Israeli media have informed that discussions over the Iran issue were also held during the meeting. Netanyahu and Pompeo discussed the increasing the pressure on Iran, with more and more sanctions.

But it is being revealed that the US Secretary of State did not visit Israel only for these two issues. The two leaders even discussed the global Coronavirus pandemic crisis. Pompeo said ‘Israel is a trusted ally of the United States. Israel openly reveals all the information. Israel does not hide the information like some other countries. We will discuss these other countries too, during the meeting.’ The US Secretary of State did not disclose the names of the countries; neither did he mention the issues to be discussed.

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