Israel Prime Minister angered by Jerusalem attack, suspects ‘ISIS’ involvement

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged that ‘IS’ is responsible for the death of four caused by ramming a truck onto Israel’s soldiers. Prime Minister Netanyahu has strongly denounced  these attacks by saying that the terrorist attack in Jerusalem followed by the ones in France and Berlin, must be a part of the same terrorist conspiracy. 

Israel-truck-killing-netanyahuOn Sunday evening, a  group of Israeli soldiers was targeted. They got off a bus in the well known area of ‘Old City’ in Jerusalem. Before they could comprehend what was happening, a speeding truck rammed into the group of Israeli soldiers from behind. Four Israel‘s soldiers were killed instantaneously while more than 15 were injured. Three male officer cadets and a female officer were among the deceased in this accident. It is said that some of the injured soldiers are in a serious condition.   

The driver that rammed the  truck onto the Israeli soldiers was shot dead by other soldiers and a tourist guide that were present at the crime scene. The initial reports reveal that the attacker is a 28-year old Palestinian youth. The Israeli court has directed to not disclose details regarding the attacker and any other information until the investigation is complete. An American daily has however published information regarding the attacker. The attacker is said to be ‘Fadi Qanbar’ and is from East Jerusalem. The reason for the attack was not given out in the report by the news channel. 

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also stated to have identified the attacker. He has further claimed that the attacker was an ‘ISIS’ supporter. The ‘ISIS’ supporters had carried out attacks in ‘Nice’, France last year and  in ‘Berlin’, Germany in the last month. Now, the attack in Jerusalem could be included in this. The Israel police force also suspects ‘ISIS‘ to be responsible for this attack.. The number of attacks carried out on the Israeli soldiers has risen in the last year.  

The US has condemned this attack on the Israeli soldiers. Mark Toner, the spokesperson for the US Foreign Ministry has said that it was pertinent to convey the message that this attack cannot be justified. That its glorification was unacceptable to the US and this sort of terrorism would not be tolerated. Meanwhile, the Hamas group located on the Gaza strip has praised the attack on the Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem on social media. 

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