59 killed in terror attacks in Afghanistan

Kabul: 59 people were killed in a dreadful terror attacks in Afghanistan, on Tuesday. Many of the people injured in the attack are critical and therefore, fears are being expressed that the number of casualties will rise further. Taliban has refused the responsibility of the attacks. But the Afghan government has held the Taliban responsible for the attacks and has ordered the security forces to intensify attacks on the Taliban. Taliban has warned ‘President Ghani is declaring war. Taliban also will retaliate strongly against it.’ It has been reported that within a few hours of this attack, the Afghan military carried out an attack in the Balkh province killing 36 Taliban terrorists.

On Tuesday, the terrorists who came in military uniforms targeted a hospital in Kabul. First, were the explosions carried out in the courtyard of the hospital. Thereafter, the terrorists opened fire and the Afghan police immediately retaliated against it. Thirty-four people, including babies and their mothers, were killed in the attacks. Photographs of this disgraceful attack have been published. Within a few hours of this attack, Afghanistan was rocked with one more attack. A suicide attack was carried out in the Nangarhar province. This suicide attack targeted the funeral procession of a police officer, where people were attending in numbers. 25 people were killed and more than 70 were injured in the attacks. The Afghan media informed that the IS accepted the responsibility of the attacks. A furious reaction was received from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after these incidents. President Ashraf Ghani ordered the security forces to launch a fierce offensive against the Taliban.

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has strongly denounced the attacks saying ‘Both the attacks in Afghanistan are dreadful and cannot be ignored. This is a work of people with evil intentions.’ Whereas, India has said that the attacks were horrible and registered a strong protest. Indian foreign ministry said that these were attacks against humanity.

Meanwhile, even on Sunday, serial bomb blasts were carried out in Afghanistan. Luckily, no casualties were reported in the attacks. Following the signing of the peace deal between the United States and Taliban, the incidence of terror attacks has only increased. This has put the peace deal in jeopardy.

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