Inquiry into the import of medicines from India backfires on Pakistan

Islamabad: – Pakistan closed all the trade with India after India abrogation of Article 370 that awarded special status to Jammu-Kashmir. But it was recently exposed that Pakistan is still importing medicines on a large scale from India. Shocked with this revelation, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered an inquiry into the matter. But the investigation seems to be backfiring on the Pakistan government after explanations were submitted by the companies manufacturing medicines in Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister had allowed the import of medicines used for serious, life-threatening, ailments like cancer. The Pakistani Prime Minister had ordered an inquiry into the matter after the complaint was received that unnecessary medicines are also being imported from India. Pakistan media had highlighted this issue. The information revealed by the medicine manufacturing companies, thereafter, was an eye-opener for the Pakistan government. Medicines imported from India are manufactured only in India. The Pakistani companies pointed out that if Pakistan tried to find an alternative for the Indian suppliers, it would prove very expensive for the Pakistani companies.

The companies from this sector tried to reduce their dependence on the Indian drug suppliers after the Indian decision on Kashmir. There was a reduction of nearly 15% to 20% in the drugs imported from India into Pakistan, and the Pakistani companies started importing from China. The companies pointed out that after China came into the grasp of Coronavirus, they were forced to turn to the Indian suppliers. At the same time, the Pakistani companies also brought to the notice of the government that there was no shortage of medicines, as well as there was no black marketing of medicines in Pakistan, even during the Coronavirus pandemic, as there was a continuous supply of medicines and raw materials from India. The Pakistan government which had banned the trade with India has now permitted to import life-saving drugs from India.

It has also been clarified that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself had issued those orders. In this scenario, the Pakistani drug manufacturing companies are making an earnest request to not to stop imports of medicines and raw materials from India, at least during this Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the extremist leaders from the ‘hate India brigade,’ who continuously spew venom against India, have come to realise that the medicines received by Pakistan are coming from India. At the same time, the Pakistan government, which is instructing an inquiry against the order issued by itself, has now become a laughing stock.

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