US practices nuclear attack on Russia, crushingly criticises Russia

Third World WarOmaha: US defence headquarters Pentagon, under the leadership of US Secretary for Defence Mark Esper, conducted an exercise, which included the launch of a nuclear strike against Russia. The United States has warned through the exercise that if Russia attacked the US allies in Europe, the United States would launch a nuclear attack against Russia, to safeguard its interests. Russia criticised that there are people with a mental imbalance, working in the Pentagon.


US practices nuclear attack on Russia, crushingly criticises RussiaAs per the information given by a senior Pentagon official, a tabletop exercise was conducted in the US Strategic Command headquarters at Nebraska. A picture had been created that the situation in Europe had gone out of hand. In this scenario, The United States practised a nuclear strike against Russia in case Russia launched a nuclear strike on any of the NATO members.

Pentagon did not reveal the details as to which nuclear weapon will be used and several nuclear warheads it will be carrying. But the Pentagon exercise presided over by Secretary of Defence Mark Esper, is considered a warning for Russia. Pentagon had conducted a similar exercise during the Obama regime.

But at that time, the United States had launched a nuclear strike on Belarus, which has separated from Russia, in retaliation of the Russia attack. But this time, the United States has directly attacked Russia. The upper house of the Russian parliament has criticised this Pentagon exercise. Konstantin Kosachev, the speaker of the upper house of the Russian parliament, retorted the United States, who walked out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty, has started showing its true colours.

Meanwhile, 20,000 US soldiers have already landed in Europe to participate in the largest ever NATO war exercises ‘Defender 2020’. The United States has held these exercises at such a time.

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