Be prepared to retaliate with a nuclear strike against any attack on Russia; propose Russian Parliamentarians

Third World WarWashington: The Russian Parliamentarians have recommended that any attack against Russia should be countered with a nuclear strike. These Parliamentarians have taken an insistent stand that the necessary changes to the Russian Nuclear Doctrine should be effected immediately for this purpose. While the Russian Parliamentarians are advocating nuclear strikes, Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested expediting the manufacture of smart weapons and missiles. The Russian actions seem to be a part of the preparation to retaliate against the United States’ withdrawal from the INF treaty regarding nuclear weapons.


nuclear, Russian Parliamentarians, russia, USFollowing the withdrawal of the United States from the INF treaty, Russia has also indicated aggressive movements against the United States. Although President Putin has clarified that Russia will not be entering an arms race, he has warned of a fitting retaliation, pointing out that the preparations for war-preparedness were underway. The meeting of the defence officials and the proposal of the Russian Parliamentarians is a part of the same preparations. After this meeting, President Putin visited the Military Science Park and addressed the representatives of the companies from the defence sector and the military officials.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the Russian Parliamentarians presented the proposal for changes in the Russian Nuclear Doctrine. Four years ago, Russia had made changes to the Nuclear Doctrine allowing nuclear attacks in two scenarios. These were, an attack with a nuclear weapon or a weapon for Mass Destruction on Russia or its ally and a conventional attack on Russia challenging its sovereignty.

But now the Russian Parliamentarians have taken an insistent stand to include a third scenario. They have suggested that the Russian defence forces should have an option of a nuclear attack if the enemy attacks using a hypersonic missile or any other advanced military weapon. The Russian Parliamentarians have stated in their proposal that the Russian National Security Council should prepare itself to make changes to the Nuclear Doctrine on an immediate basis.

Given the recommendations from the Russian Parliament, President Putin has suggested to the defence sector companies to increase their production. Putin has suggested that especially the companies manufacturing missiles and smart weapons should increase their production rate. The suggestion of the Russian President is significant against the background of the United States’ withdrawal from the INF.

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