Russia accuses US to use moon landing expeditions to cover up tests of advanced military technologies in space, accuses Russia

Third World WarMoscow/ Washington: Russia raised doubts on the United States objective of reinitiating Moon expeditions, and Dmitry Rogozin, chief of the Russian space agency alleged that the United States would carry out tests of advanced military technologies in space under the guise of such expeditions. Rogozin also claimed that the Moon expeditions of the United States, in the past too, were a cover up for the secret military missions.

russia, us, moon expenditions, space forceA few days ago, a leading news agency in the United States had reported, that six air bases would be used to build bases for the US Space Force while the airbase in Colorado would be used as the Space Force Command Centre. Earlier, President Trump had made an important announcement regarding the Space Force. It is imperative for the United States to take necessary steps to safeguard its interests in the space at a time when Russia and China are preparing for a space war, he had stated.

Following that, while announcing the US Space Program, US Vice President Mike Pence declared that a US astronaut would, once again, set foot on the Moon in 2024. The Russian official’s accusations are believed to be a reaction to the Vice President’s announcement. Before the United States declaration, Russia, China and even India have announced ambitious Moon expeditions which would also include sending astronauts in space.

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