US fighter jet flies close to Iran passenger plane

Tehran: A US fighter jet flew close to an Iranian passenger plane in the Syrian airspace. Thus, Iran has accused that this action of the US fighter jet has caused a threat to the Iranian civilians. Moreover, the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that the US would be befittingly responded. But the US declared to have flown its jet adhering to the international regulations.  

This situation occurred with the plan that departed from Iran capital Tehran to Beirut in Lebanon. As soon as the Mahan airlines’ plane entered the Syrian airspace, two US fighter jets started to fly parallel to this passenger plane. Besides, Iran accused that one of the aircraft flew close to the flight. Thus, the passenger plane pilot had to take a nosedive. So, this caused scare among the passengers and a few even got injured, accused the Iran government news channels. After this incident, the region is newly facing tension.   

Initially, the Iranian media had held Israel responsible for this dangerous flight with the help of information provided by the passengers. The Iranian press had blamed Israel for intruding in the Syrian airspace and committing this act. But the Israeli agencies did not confront the claims across the international media. However, in the next few hours, the Iran government accused the US F-15 fighter jet of committing this action with the help of the information provided by the passenger plane pilot. Besides, the US also replied that the plane was flying at a safe distance from the passenger plane. Moreover, the US also said that its air patrolling in the Syrian airspace is entirely legal.   

Meanwhile, the US and Israel had already blacklisted the Iranian Mahan airlines. The US imposed sanctions on the airlines by accusing it of being involved in terrorist activities. Furthermore, two months ago, the US also took action against a Chinese company for having an alliance with the airlines.  

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