Trump and Putin discuss Iran and arms ban

Washington: – US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a telephonic discussion. As per the information released by both the countries, military stability, arms ban, Iran, Coronavirus and some other important issues were discussed during the telephonic conversation. This is the second discussion between the two leaders in the last five weeks. The discussions are being viewed against the background of the rapid developments on the global level in the last few days. The responsibility of international peace and security lies in the United States and Russia. The Russian government announced that detailed discussions were held between the two leaders over the issues of military stability and arms ban. Jude Hire, from the White House, also confirmed that there were detailed discussions on the subject of arms ban between the Presidents of the United States and Russia. The White House spokesman said that President Trump appealed that an arms race should not be triggered between the United States, Russia and China in the coming times. Trump also expressed confidence that the efforts for arms ban will succeed in the Vienna meeting.  

President Trump had demanded that China should be included along with the United States and Russia in the START Agreement meant for reducing the nuclear weapons. While the United States and Russia are reducing the number of nuclear weapons, the United States accused that China was increasing the number of missiles. President Trump had taken a stand that therefore, China should be included in the future START Agreement, and without the Chinese inclusion in START, the United States will not sign the agreement. But China had dismissed the US demand. Against this background, President Trump apparently raised the China issue during the discussions with President Putin.  

Kremlin informed that discussions were also held on the issues of Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions against Iran during the telephonic conversation. The sanctions imposed on Iran are expiring in the next few weeks. The United States has made a demand with the United Nations that the period of sanctions against Iran should be extended. Whereas, Russia and China have made preparations to dismiss the US demand by using the Veto right. Russia will be organising the next meeting of permanent members of the United Nations. It is claimed that these discussions were held as a precursor for the meeting. It was announced that discussions were held over the issues of Coronavirus, economic cooperation between the two countries and developments in the international fuel markets, other than these.  

Last week, China announced an investment of USD 400 billion in Iran. It is being said that with this investment, China is trying to increase its influence in the Gulf region. The discussion between the US and Russia Presidents becomes important against this background. Meanwhile, this is the third round of talks between President Trump and President Putin in the last three months. Last month, President Trump had called President Putin to invite him to the G-7 conference. President Trump had proposed to its allies that China should be omitted from the G-7, and India and Russia should be added.     

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