34 Taliban terrorists killed by NATO and Afghan forces

Kabul: On Tuesday, seven personnel of the Afghan Security Force got killed in a Taliban attack in the Kandahar province. Besides, just a few hours after this incident, the Taliban targeted the security base in the Ghazni province. The Afghan Security Forces have successfully slain nine Taliban terrorists in the attack. Moreover, on Monday, NATO killed 25 Taliban terrorists in their attack in Afghanistan. The information reveals that 12 of these were Pakistani nationals.

Taliban terrorists

On Tuesday, the Taliban attacked the base of Afghan Security Forces in Takhta Pul district, Kandahar province. At the time, seven Security Force personnel lost their lives while retaliating. Besides, the Taliban attacked a security base in a village in Ghazni province on the same night. At this time, the Afghan Security Force commanders killed nine Taliban terrorists. This includes Taliban leader, Abu Jandal, as well.

On Monday night, NATO attacked Takht-e-Pol in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, and killed 25 Taliban terrorists. Twelve of them had Pakistani citizenship. Kandahar police published their identity proof on social media. Thus, it was proved that Pakistan was involved in this attack in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in the last two weeks, Taliban massively attacked 13 Afghan provinces. Moreover, the Taliban is targeting bases and offices of the Afghan Security Forces at large. Hence, the peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan Security Force is under threat. Furthermore, the Taliban attacks increased after the United States withdrew its army from Afghanistan. Hence, the Afghan Security Forces face a great challenge.

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