US-Europe should unite to face challenges posed by China

Berlin: – Peter Beyer, a senior official at the German foreign department, appealed, ‘A new cold war has started between the United States and China. This cold war will be the decisive development that will shape the century. In this scenario, if Europe wants to face the challenges posed by China, it has to stand firm with the United States.’ Since the last few months, the United States has started an aggressive political and trade conflict with China and is trying to build a strong front against the Chinese activities. China is trying that Europe should not join the front, but the efforts seem to be failing, which is evident from the statement of a senior German official like Beyer.   

Peter-BeyerPeter Beyer is a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party and a senior official in the foreign department. He has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating relations with the United States and Canada. Therefore, his appeal against China becomes significant. Beyer pointed out the differences between the United States and China saying, ‘The relations between the United States and Europe since the war are based on the firm values of independence, democracy, peace and prosperity. These have made the foundation of bilateral relations very strong. It cannot be ignored that the United States has taught these values to Europe. The Chinese system is exactly the opposite of this. This system is standing on dictatorship, lack of human rights and freedom of expression, digital surveillance, torture of the Uyghurs, oppression in Hong Kong and destruction of the environment.’  

At this time, the German official confessed that Germany also becomes responsible if tension has been created between the United States and Germany. Beyer claimed that Germany had ignored the cooperation with the United States to a certain extent over the last decade. The German official pointed out that the trend of the US-Europe ties will not depend on who emerges victorious in the US Presidential elections to be held in November. Beyer also said that the United States and Europe have common interests in many other issues, along with China and Iran.   

The tension between Europe and China is increasing on various issues, including the Coronavirus pandemic. The European Union has repeatedly lashed out at China. But the Chinese expansionism and adamant stands continue, and China is also trying to divide the European Union and is pressurising by using trade interests. China is accusing the European officials and leaders, who criticise it, of having a cold war mentality and colonial outlook. The incidents of threatening the European officials and companies, operational in China, also have been reported. In the past, while adopting a soft stand regarding China, Europe had many times done the exercises of withdrawing decisions and avoiding actions under pressure from the Chinese government. But it is now apparent from the German official’s statement that Europe will stand up against China in support of the United States.  

Meanwhile, it is reported that Europe has delivered a fresh jolt to China in a matter relating to Taiwan. Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, situated in Brussels, had mentioned six towns in Taiwan as a part of China. The Taiwanese officials pointed this out to the institute and demanded a change. The European countries, taking cognisance of the Taiwanese displeasure, took the initiative to write an open letter to the institute for an immediate amendment. The institute confessed that this was a technical error after receiving pressure from Europe and accepted that these six towns are a part of Taiwan. The statement of the Taiwanese foreign ministry clarified that Europe made a valuable contribution to the matter. China consistently pressurises many countries, multinational corporations and international organisations regarding the One China Policy to deny the independent existence of Taiwan. Against this background, the European initiative to get a mention of independent Taiwan delivers a tight slap across China’s face. 

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