Pashtun hold strong protests against the customs duty charged on the Durand Line

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: – Pashtun people have started strong protests, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in the Waziristan province, against the imposition of customs duty, on the Durand Line, by the Pakistan government. The Pashtun people are carrying out trade over the Durand Line, between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pashtun people have been infuriated after the Pakistan government imposed a customs duty on the Durand Line, saying that this is creating hurdles in the trade.   

pak-pashtunPashtun people from Pakistan, supply their goods, across the border, through the Angoor Adda Point on the Durand Line. But with Pakistan imposing customs duty on the goods, the local trade has been affected. This has increased the prices of essential commodities. Frustrated with this, the Pashtun people have started protests against the Pakistan government.   

There is a majority of Pashtun people, living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the areas around the Durand Line. The Pashtun people accused that the Pakistan government is targeting them on purpose. There is an absence of electricity and internet in the area. The Pashtun people have raised their voice against this too, saying that this is affecting the day-to-day life of the Pashtun people. Conflicts flare up frequently, between Pakistan and Afghanistan on the Durand Line. Afghanistan does not accept the Durand Line. Now Pakistan has raked up a new border dispute, by imposing customs duty on the Durand Line.   

Meanwhile, only a few days ago, the Pashtun population had issued a warning to the Pakistan government and military, who are patronising terrorism, through a huge rally. The Pashtun people are accusing the Pakistani military of carrying out genocide of the Pashtun people. The Pashtun people have started a massive agitation against it. 

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