Iran may declare war if US withdraws from the nuclear deal, warns French Ambassador to Israel, Helene Le Gal

Third World WarJerusalem: The French Ambassador in Israel has warned the US that, ‘If the United States withdraws from the nuclear treaty with Iran, it will have serious repercussions. Iran will initiate efforts to acquire nuclear weapons thereafter. Thus, the possibility of a war will increase tremendously if the deal was broken’.

French President Macron had expressed serious concerns over the United States statement of having made preparations to withdraw from the nuclear deal. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accepted that the deal with Iran is not flawless and yet has been making efforts to save the treaty. While the major country in Europe is desperately trying to save the treaty, the French Ambassador has expressed fear of a war being sparked if the nuclear treaty was broken.

iran, war, us, france, nuclear dealAmbassador Helene Le Gal referred to the statements of the Iranian leaders as the basis of her argument. ‘A fitting reply will be given to the US if Trump withdraws from the nuclear treaty’, was the threat issued by Khamenei’s advisor, Ali Akbar Velayati. While Brigadier General Hossein Salami, believed to be an associate of Khamenei had threatened to erase Israel from the world map.

The French Ambassador highlighted this threat and appealed to the United States to continue to be a part of the treaty. The French Ambassador warned the US that Khamenei will order nuclear weapons manufacture if the United States withdrew from the treaty. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had warned the US a few days ago that Iran could get the 20% enriched Uranium within 2 days of exiting the treaty. President Rouhani has hinted at nuclear weapons manufacture saying that Iran has the advanced technology to increase the stock of enriched Uranium.

Israel has the policy of not allowing any nation who declares of destruction of its country, to acquire nuclear weapons. The Israeli Ambassador had recently reiterated this while addressing the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Therefore, in order to control Iran France warned Israel not to break out of the nuclear treaty. However, both Israel and the United States are accusing Iran of acquiring nuclear weapons by using the nuclear treaty. Therefore, the warnings by France and other European countries don’t seem to be having any impact on the United States and Israel policies.

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