More than 2,000 terrorists waiting to carry out terror attacks; warns former secret services chief

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Berlin: Former chief of German intelligence, Hans Georg Maassen, issued a stern warning ‘More than 2,000 terrorists are in readiness, in Germany, to carry out terror attacks. At the same time, the number of Islamic extremists has reached 11,000. The decision that was taken by the German government in 2014, to allow free entry to migrants is responsible for this.’ Only two months ago, the German agencies along with the Netherlands had busted a major terror plot.

former-secret-services-chiefMaassen, chief of the German intelligence agency, ‘Protection of the Constitution’, resigned last year. Maassenhad expressed Doubts, following the attacks by local groups on the migrants. He had severely criticised the migrant policies of Chancellor Angela Merkeland the laxity shown regarding the security agencies.

While targeting Chancellor Merkel, during a function organised in the German city of Cologne, he warned that the threat of terrorism in looming over the country. The Former Intelligence Chief cautioned that the government running the country is also responsible for controlling and enforcing limitations on the migrants. But after the 2015 decision, thousands of migrants have entered the country. Because of this migrant crisis, the law and order situation in the country has deteriorated.’

terror-attacksMaassen also claimed that without the migrant crisis, Europe would have been free of terrorism. He pointed out that since 2015, nearly 500 migrants per day, amounting to more than two hundred thousand per year, entered Germany, from the Middle Eastern countries and the IS terrorists also have entered through this medium. The former intelligence chief criticised that open permission for the migrants, to enter Germany was not the only mistake, and the government has made mistakes every day thereafter. 

In the year 2012, the number of Islamic extremists was nearly 3,800. But today these numbers have risen to 11,000, warned Maassen.

Maassen had recorded his opinion in last year’s report, of the internal intelligence agency, Protection of the Constitution‘There is a big threat to Germany from the children of these extremists. They can pose a major challenge to German security. The children and the youth are being expeditiously made extremists, and that is a straightforward task. These kinds of things were not seen in Germany, before. Nearly 300 children are being made extremists. Some of these children have been taught lessons of extremism, by their families, since birth.’

In the last three months, IS has carried out attacks in the United Kingdom and France and Germany succeeded in busting the attack. But the Maassen warning indicates a possibility of a massive attack shortly.

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