US companies lead the world arms trade

Third World War

Washington: The world situation has become explosive due to the conflict situation at the Crimea border, Syrian war, Yemen conflict, tension in the Persian Gulf, a dispute over the South China Sea and many more reasons. The international analysts are predicting sparking of a world war over any of these reasons. Therefore, there is a arms purchase spree at the international level from all the countries to guard their interests, and the US companies are leading in this arms trade.

The study group Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), monitoring the arms trade at the international level, has prepared a report in this regard. Out of the ten leading companies in the arms trade, five are from the United States, and the rest are from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia and the European Union. The first three in the list are the US companies Lockheed Martin, Boing and Raytheon.

According to the SIPRI report, there is an increase of 44% in the international arms sale over the last 15 years. In 2017, the arms sales were to the tune of $398.2 billion; out of this, the share of Lockheed Martin was $44.9 billion. The report says that along with the fighter jet F-35, other Lockheed products like warships, air defence systems and hyper missiles were in demand. Like Lockheed, the arms of the other US companies also had a higher demand.

As per the SIPRI report the British company BE sold arms worth $22 billion. SIPRI pointed out that the demand for the Russian S-400 air defence system has grown. India and China were the buyers of the Russian system. Russia has signed agreements with Turkey and Iran for the supply of this system.  But SIPRI informed that the United States had objected to both these transactions.

It is claimed that the Chinese surveillance planes, fighter jets and patrol ships are in demand in Pakistan and African countries. The Chinese media have also claimed that huge agreements have been signed with these countries. SIPRI has noted in the report that the information about these Chinese deals could not be exposed as China is secretive about its defence sector.

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