US destroyers to be equipped with Helios laser, in view of the rising Chinese and Russian threat

Third World WarWashington: The US destroyers will be equipped with the ‘Helios Laser’ to retaliate against the Chinese and Russian cruise missiles. A senior naval official informed that USS Preble from the US navy would be the first destroyer to receive the Laser system. Helios is supposedly much more destructive than the previous lasers used by the US navy. Senior naval technologists have warned ‘Attacks like never before will be carried out by the Helios Laser.’

Currently, the US Navy is equipped with Phalanx, the Laser Gatling gun. This laser gun is installed on the destroyers deployed at Honolulu in the Pacific Ocean and is used for destroying missiles and drones. This laser gun has limited firepower and cannot attack continuously. At the same time, the capability of the Phalanx gun falls short against the hypersonic missiles. Therefore, the US Navy was in search of a new super-advanced Laser system.

us, destroyer, helios laserIt had been reported that the US Scientists were working on the development of this super-advanced Laser system. But given the increasing capacities of the Chinese and Russian cruise missiles and rising use of laser by China, the United States started feeling an urgent need for super-advanced Laser. Against this background, the US Navy undertook the development of High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical -Dazzler and Surveillance (HELIOS) Laser. The US Navy had announced successful testing of the HELIOS laser, a few months ago. Whereas, last week, a senior US navy official revealed the information of deployment of the HELIOS Lase.

This Laser system will be deployed on USS Preble, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy. Rear Admiral Ronald Boxall informed that USS Preble, used at the Pearl Harbour island would be equipped with the HELIOS Laser by 2021. HELIOS is capable of firing a Laser of 150 KW. Along with HELIOS, an assisting Laser system with a capacity of 40KW Laser also will be installed on the USS Preble. Rear Admiral Boxall claimed that this would make USS Preblethe most destructive destroyer in the US Navy.

Frank Peterkin, researching on Laser technologies in the US Navy, said that the HELIOS is the most penetrative Laser system while talking to a military website. Peterkin warned ‘It is possible to do anything with the HELIOS Laser. If you give this system in the hands of a sailor, it is unimaginable what he can do with this system.’ Peterkin also expressed confidence that the US Navy will be able to repel many challenges using this Laser.

The US media have claimed that the HELIOS system is a warning for China. It is being reported since the last few days that China has started the use of Laser. Last week, an Australian warship had to face a Chinese laser attack. China attacked the pilot of a helicopter while it was travelling towards Vietnam. Whereas, a few hours ago, China used laser against the Vietnamese navy too. A US fighter jet also was attacked with a Laser from the Chinese base in Djibouti, while returning to the US airbase nearby.

Against this background, the United States seems to have made preparations to deploy a more destructive Laser to retaliate against the Chinese Laser aggressiveness.

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