US bomber surveys North Korea  

Washington/Tokyo: – It has been revealed that the United States has despatched its advanced supersonic bomber, on a special campaign near Japan, to keep an eye on North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The US Airforce gave this information. A South Korean daily claimed that the bomber hovered near the Wonsan city, the residence of Kim Jong Un.   

As per the information given by the US Airforce, a special campaign was carried out by the ‘B-1B Lancer Supersonic Bomber’ near Japan. Lieutenant Colonel Lincoln Coleman, Commander of the 37 Bomb Squadron, clarified in the press release that the orders for the campaign had been received from the headquarters. Lieutenant Colonel Coleman also said that the purpose of the campaign was to reassure the allies and to deliver a message to the enemies.  

The bomber is also said to have taken part in joint exercises with Japan. But a South Korean daily claimed that the US bomber hovered over the Wonsan city, in North Korea. Dong-A Ilbo, the South Korean daily, claimed that the report was based on sources in the South Korean military.  

It was claimed that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un underwent surgery on the 12th of April. Thereafter, Kim Jong Un is said to be recuperating in a city in North Korea. Therefore, this campaign of the US bomber becomes significant. 


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