Worldwide population should prepare for ‘Third World War’, warns ‘Anonymous’

New York, May 10 (News Agency) – The population around the world should prepare to face the third World War, warned ‘Anonymous’, an international hackers’ group. Citing the ongoing incidents worldwide, especially the explosive situation in the Korean region, ‘Anonymous’ claimed that the third World War could ignite any moment. The Third World War will be more lethal, ruthless and fast progressing. Stating that it will have a devastating effect over the global environment and economy, ‘Anonymous’ advised the people around the world to prepare for same.

Anonymous‘Anonymous’, through a video addressed to the people around the world, has tried to make them aware of the reality of the third world war. While the situation in the Korean region has reached a flashpoint, all nations are getting ready for war. While superpowers such as the US, Russia and China are preparing to participate in the war, other nations as well will be forced to take sides, claimed ‘Anonymous’. South Korea and the US have prepared against the threat posed by North Korea. The US, having test-fired ‘Minuteman 3’, the intercontinental missile capable of striking upto a distance of 8 thousand km, have shown its capability, mentioned ‘Anonymous’.

While China has directed its citizens residing in North Korea to immediately return to China, Japan has issued instructions to its citizens regarding how to protect themselves from nuclear war. Japan has instructed its citizens to take shelter underneath a strong dwelling, after a pre-alert, barely 10 minutes before the nuclear attack. Australia has increased the deployment of the US military in their northern region and has also kept their fighter planes ready. All these actions are being performed, taking into consideration that the Third World War will soon ignite, clarified ‘Anonymous’.

Japan, having changed its defensive military policy since the Second World War, has started preparations to build their independent military by the year 2020. On the other hand, North Korea has threatened that if the US attacks us, we will ‘target’ Japan, since the US military bases are in Japan. ‘Anonymous’ has also reminded that the Korean official news agency had warned that owing to this, Japan should strive to reduce the tensions in the Korean region to protect itself. This situation has become extremely alarming for China and hence China has started efforts to reduce the tensions in the Korean region, since a nuclear war is not desirable in this region; because if the war ignites, it will have devastating economic impact and China will have a setback of several years, fears China. China also fears that a war in the Korean region will also make refugees invade its borders. Hence China is striving to avoid a war. The US President Donald Trump had stated a few days back that it would be an honour for him to meet the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. However, ‘Anonymous’ reminded that after this statement by the US President, the White House spokesperson had issued statements dismissing the possibility of negotiations.

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