Negotiations with North Korea possible only under right conditions, says US President Donald Trump

Washington/Seoul :South Korea has appealed that the United States and North Korea should create a conducive atmosphere for discussions in order to reduce the tension in the Korean region. South Korea seems to have made this appeal about North Korea to the United States, after the Olympic Games, concluded a couple of days before. But President Donald Trump replied that the United States is not ready for talks with North Korea. They will negotiate with North Korea only on proper terms, emphasised President Trump.


After the closing ceremony of the Olympics in South Korea, President Moon Jae-In had important discussions with the North Korean delegation. Kim Jong-Chul, a close confidante of the North Korean President Kim Jong-Un attended the discussion. After this meeting, South Korean President, Jae-Ininvited the United States and North Korea for direct discussions.

Negotiations-with-North-Korea‘The United States and North Korea should work to create the right atmosphere for negotiations. The United States should give-up its aggression and North Korea should stop its nuclear program’ appealed Jae-In. The South Korean President claimed that this will help in reducing the nuclear tension in the region. The South Korean President’s office gave indications of North Korea being prepared for direct discussions with the United States.

President Donald Trump has taken a clear stand on the South Korean proposal. ‘The United States also wants negotiations just like North Korea. But these negotiations should be conducted in the right atmosphere. Otherwise, the US will not participate in the negotiations,’ President Trump put forward this conditional proposal. President Trump clarified in a meeting that if North Korea close down its nuclear program as a first step, the United States will certainly be ready for talks. President Trump also reminded at this point that the North Korean nuclear and missile program is at its final stage.

Meanwhile, media in China, South and North Korea are claiming the discussion between South Korean President Jae-in and ‘Chol’ to be very important. It is said that this will reduce the tension between the two Koreas. Following the meeting ‘Chol’ invited South Korean President Jae-in to visit North Korea.

Last week, the US Treasury and Department of State announced fresh, stricter sanctions against North Korea. The United States imposed restrictions on companies and businessmen, 50 in all, which provide said to North Korea in the nuclear and missile programs. The United States claims that the North Korean nuclear and missile program will bend to its knees and shutdown. China had lodged protests against these sanctions imposed on North Korea.

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