US President Donald Trump to meet North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un

Washington/Seoul: The US President Donald Trump has accepted North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un’s proposal to discuss the issues related to the Nuclear program in person. South Korea has provided information that US President Trump will visit North Korean Dictator in the month of May. Meanwhile, the White House has confirmed that although President Trump will be holding discussions with the North Korean leaders, the restrictions laid by the US will not be lifted.

South Korean delegation while on a visit to North Korea, met with Dictator Kim Jong-un on Monday. In this meeting, Dictator ‘Un’ displayed his readiness to discuss about the issues pertaining to the nuclear program. On this occasion, ‘Un’ had proposed to discuss directly with the US leaders if required to have a nuclear free Korean peninsula. A reaction was expected after the North Korean Dictator’s proposal was informed to the US by South Korea.

US President Trump accepted this proposal of the North Korean Dictator over social media. “Kim Jong-un has not shown readiness to ban its nuclear program but has proposed for a nuclear free Korean peninsula. North Korea has also assured not to conduct missile tests in the next few months. North Korea has taken the appropriate steps for the security and stability of the Korean region and I am willing to make discussions with the North Korean leaders”, informed Trump. ‘However, the restrictions laid by the US will stay until the agreement with North Korea is complete’, clarified President Trump. It is not clear yet as to where this discussion would take place.

Meanwhile, China and South Korea have welcomed the talks between the US and North Korean leadership. China has demanded that the US and North Korea should begin this discussion soon. Whereas, South Korea has supported the additional restrictions laid by the US on North Korea. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe is cautiously looking at North Korea’s proposal. Prime Minister Abe also informed that he will tour the US in the coming weeks to discuss about North Korea.

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