US bans Chinese passenger airliners

Washington/Beijing: – The United States announced a complete ban on the passenger flights, to and from China. Two US passenger airline companies had sought permission from China, to restart passenger flights to China, which had been suspended due to Coronavirus pandemic. But as China refused the permission, in retaliation, the United States banned all passenger flights to and from China. This US decision will further fester the tension between the two countries.

China, USUS President Donald Trump had issued a complete ban on passenger movement with China, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated from China. Therefore, the US passenger airlines had completely stopped incoming and outgoing passenger flights to China. The United States became the first country to stop passenger flights to China, in view of the pandemic. China had severely criticised the decision of the United States. But the global spread of the Coronavirus, proved President Trump’s decision to be a correct one.

Various countries of the world are taking different initiatives to streamline the activities, stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic. These efforts to start passenger flights, is a part of the same initiatives. Two US passenger airlines, Delta and United, requested permission from the Chinese authorities to restart passenger flights to and from China. But the Chinese agency has not issued the permission, till date, forwarding the reason of new regulations for foreign airlines.

The US transportation department has accused that refusing permission to the US airlines, when four Chinese airlines are permitted to operate in the United States, is a violation of the ‘Air Transport Agreement’. Therefore, in retaliation of the impetuous Chinese policy, the United States declared a complete ban on passenger flight operations to and from China. the US officials informed that although, this ban is scheduled to come into effect from 16th of June, it could be imposed earlier, if President Trump issues the orders.

The new decision by the Trump administration is a part of the aggressive trade and political conflict with China. Against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic, US President Trump has started pressurising China on all the possible fronts. It is evident from this passenger flight ban that the United States can take an extreme step of severing all the ties with China, if China does not backdown.

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