US needs planes to penetrate the Russian and Chinese air defence systems; informs US military secretary

Third World WarWashington: US Secretary of the Army, Dr. Mark Esper said ‘The United States does not need to spend any more of its funds, on the military vehicles and helicopters used in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The United States desperately needs planes, which can penetrate the Russian and Chinese air defence systems.’ Dr. Esper also indicated that the United States would have to be prepared for an intense war, within a period of one to one and a half years, quoting military officials.

US President, Donald Trump has stressed on the modernisation of the all the three defence forces and has made additional funds available for this. Underlining the threat of upcoming major challenges for the security of the United States, President Trump has asked the defence forces to be in a state of readiness. US Secretary of the Army, Dr. Mark Esper, while talking to the reporters, said that the priorities of the military also have changed, in accordance to the National Defence Strategy.

US, russia, china, air defence systemSenior US military officials have demanded Special arms systems, necessary to fight a fierce war with Russia and China. Dr. Esper said that these officials demanded fighter jets to penetrate the Russian and Chinese air defence systems and arms systems of equivalent capabilities, necessary for the military. The officials expressed their opinions regarding long-range artillery, surveillance and attack aircraft, super advanced missile defence systems and ultramodern networking systems.

Esper did not elaborate regarding the planes capable of penetrating the Russian and Chinese air defence systems. But Dr. Esper informed that these officials were prepared to reduce the expenses on the military equipment used by the US military, in the Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria wars. Esper suggested that there was no need to spend funds on the CH-47 Chinook helicopters and Humvee military vehicles.

Esper informed that last year, the military decided to reduce 200 projects with an investment of $25 billion. These include dropping of nearly 1,900 Humvee vehicles and preferring Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, manufactured by the Oshkosh Corporation. These vehicles from Oshkosh are claimed to be equipped with advanced technology and weapons. Esper said that superfast helicopters with Super Vertical Lift, are under consideration. For this, the US military is also considering new projects with Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

Esper mentioned China while talking about the long-range artillery guns. He also said that the long-range artillery guns, with high accuracy, are necessary to target the Chinese destroyers. Esper did not elaborate, where these long-range artillery guns will be deployed.

Meanwhile, discussions have been held with Admiral Philip Davidson, the chief of Indo-Pacific command, regarding the new strategy being prepared by the US military. Details of the preparations against Russia and China were shared, saying that discussions will be held with the chief of the European command too, shortly. A few days ago, the United States had announced stressing on the manufacture of fighter jets equipped with hypersonic missiles and Lasers keeping in view the threat from Russia and China.

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