US deploys ‘B-1’ bombers at Guam base

Washington: US has announced to deploy nuclear equipped ‘B-1’ bomber planes at Guam islands located in the Pacific Ocean in order to safeguard their interests in the Asia Pacific region. It is the first occasion for US to deploy ‘B-1’ bomber planes at Guam islands since a decade.

‘B-1’ bomber at Guam baseComing Saturday the squad of ‘B-1’ bomber planes will be posted at Guam Islands. The purpose of deployment of these bomber planes will be to counter North Korea, US Air Force clarified. However China having objected over the deployment of THAAD in South Korea by US can possibly react over this as well.

The ‘B-1’ bombers will be replacing the presently stationed ‘B-52’ bombers at Guam islands and 300 US Air Force officers will be posted as well.

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