China can defeat the US in a war; claim Chinese war strategists

Third World WarLondon: A Chinese war strategist claimed that China could beat the United States is a war saying that hundreds of satellites in space used for military and espionage purposes is considered to be the strength of the United States. The United States keeps a close eye on every enemy activity with the help of these satellites. The United States has carried out attacks using these satellites. In the future, if China can destroy or render the satellites useless, then China can also win a war against the United States.

The United States leads in defence preparedness and over the last few years, China is claimed to be challenging the United States in this competition. China is said to have increased the defence expenditure for this purpose. The defence expenditure of both the countries is rising, and the possibility of a conflict sparking between the two countries over the Taiwan, South China Sea, East China Sea or any other issue also is being predicted. Against this background, three years ago, a popular web channel in the United States had prepared a documentary. The documentary had an interview with the war strategist of the People’s Liberation Army, Wang Xiangsui.

china, us, chinese war strategists, warDuring the interview, Xiangsui claimed that the United States would suffer major losses if a war were sparked between the competing nations, China and the United States. Xiangsui warned that the strength of the United States would become an Achilles heel for them. Xiangsui said that hundreds of satellites in the space is the strength of the United States. The United States is entirely dependent on these satellites, and the entire communication network is controlled by these satellites. But these satellites can prove to be a weak link for the United States.’

The Chinese war strategist gave the example of the great Greek warrior Achilles. Achilles was considered invincible as no one was able to defeat him. But his heel was his weakness. Xiangsui claimed that the dependence of the United States on these satellites is like Achilles. These satellites will become Achilles heel for the United States.

Xiangsui reminded of the missile test carried out by China in the year 2007, for this. A decade ago, China had successfully targeted one of its defunct satellites to test its capability in a space war. Therefore, in a war situation with the United States, China can use the same technology to destroy the satellites of the United States. If China succeeds in destroying even one of the US satellites, the entire US communication system will collapse. Xiangsui also warned that the US warships near the Chinese marine region could be targeted.

The US analysts have endorsed the views of the Chinese war strategist. The US analysts have also said that over the last few years, China has increased the level of defence preparedness to a great extent and the Chinese submarines can be a challenge for the US aircraft carriers. These analysts said that the increasing numbers of Chinese submarines is becoming a matter of a headache for the US warships.

Meanwhile, the military tension between China and the United States has increased, and China has consistently warned the United States of war. Recently, a senior Chinese official had suggested that China should sink US aircraft carriers.

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