China is constructing a huge naval base in Gwadar, Pakistan, warns the US military analyst

Washington – China is constructing a huge naval base at the Gwadar Port in Pakistan to maintain its control over the Indian Ocean region. A leading military analyst from the United States revealed this information by publishing satellite images. Moreover, the analyst warned that the movements initiated to construct a base at the Gwadar Port by China, who has already deployed its army at the Ladakh border to challenge India, can become an ultimatum for the Indian security.   

Furthermore, earlier, the news of China constructing a naval base alongside a dock through its ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ had surfaced. At the time, it was being claimed that China is constructing its Naval Base at Gwadar as an option to the Karachi Port. However, under the pretext of developing the Gwadar port, China had managed to wipe the news of naval base being constructed. However, in an article written by H.I. Sutton, which was published in a US tabloid, Sutton revealed the information about the largest naval base being constructed at the Gwadar port.  

In the last few years, China has built colonies and high-security compounds for its soldiers at the Gwadar Port revealed Sutton by publishing satellite photographs. This security compound is equipped with anti-vehicle berms, security fences and a high wall. Sentry posts and elevated guard towers cover the perimeter between the fence and the inner wall. With this, Sutton drew attention to the fact that no other port in the world has such a security and armed colony. Thus, in all, he claims that China has constructed this base to deploy its warship and develop a strong naval force at the Gwadar port.  

Earlier, Indian military analysts had reported the new Chinese movements in Gwadar. At the time, the Indian analysts accused China of developing a naval base at the Gwadar Port just like the Djibouti port in Africa. Moreover, the analyst also warned that this construction of the Chinese naval base at the Gwadar port can create a challenge for Indian Naval strength at the Indian Ocean. Hence, earlier as well, the news had surfaced that Pakistan is looking forward to challenging India by using the Chinese military force. Hence, it is planning to open the water supply at the Gwadar port.   

The CPEC project being developed by Pakistan and China is not just limited to the development of basic facilities, but there is strategic gameplay of China behind this, affirmed the Pakistani analysts. Thus, Pakistan is looking at it as a shield to obtain protection from India. So, Pakistan had prepared to give the control of this Gwadar Port to China long ago. Furthermore, accusations had emerged from Pakistan such is the reason for China to control the Pakistan port in entirety. Against this background, the matter of China constructing its Naval Base at the Gwadar Port is known to be an Open Secret.   

While Pakistan challenges India by handing over its port to China, India too had stepped forward to develop the Chabahar port of Iran. Thus, this how India is responding to the gameplay of China and Pakistan, says the analyst. 

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