Turkish military invades Syrian cities; US soldiers attacked as well

Third World WarAkcakale: The Turkish military forged ahead in the Syrian territory, capturing a part of the Ras Al-Ayn province. A few days ago, the United States had withdrawn its military from this region. Turkey seems to be taking full advantage of the US military withdrawal. Moreover, the US soldiers also have been hit during the Turkish attacks. Pentagon, the US defence headquarters gave this information. But Turkey has hurriedly explained, claiming that the attacks are only for targeting the Kurdish terrorists.

Turkey launched strong attacks on the Kurds in the Syrian territory, near the Turkish border. Turkey launched these attacks claiming that there is a threat to the Turkish integrity from these Kurds, settled in this Syrian territory. Turkey has said that it is trying to create a buffer zone in this area. But Turkey has increased concerns, for many countries, with this action. Russia and Iran, sharing excellent relations with Turkey have become restless with this action. Whereas, while Turkey initiated the action, US President Donald Trump announced military withdrawal from those areas.

Turkish military invades Syrian cities; US soldiers attacked as wellAfter launching dreadful attacks on the Kurdish settlements, the Turkish military gained control over Ras Al-Ayn. A hundred thousand people had to migrate because of the Turkish action, and it is said that the number of casualties in the attack have increased tremendously. Videos showing the aftermath of the Turkish attacks have been posted on social media. The Kurdish women are asking a question ‘Turkey is killing our children, where should we go leaving our houses?’

But Turkey has issued a clear warning that if the Kurds want to save their lives, they should vacate the region. Turkey has divided the Kurds into eastern and Western regions, by gaining control over Ras Al-Ayn. As per western media, this will make it difficult for the Kurds to fight against Turkey collectively. The western media also informed that the Turkish military also had Arabs in their ranks.

It is claimed that Turkey will capture Tell Abyad, 75 kilometres away, after this. It has been reported that the US military’s special unit also came under an attack by the Turkish military. This attack was carried out despite the US military unit establishing contact with the Turkish military. Pentagon, the US defence headquarters, gave this information. Following this, Turkish Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar, clarified that the Turkish military has not fired a single bullet at the US military. The Turkish defence ministry said that the Kurdish terrorists and not the US soldiers are the target of the Turkish action.

Turkish military invades Syrian cities; US soldiers attacked as wellMeanwhile, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, recently warned that the United States has not permitted Turkey to attack the Kurds. The US President had warned that if Turkey oversteps the limit while attacking the Kurds, the Turkish economy will be destroyed. At the same time, he had expressed willingness to mediate between Turkey and the Kurds. Reports have been published that President Trump is contemplating the imposition of harsh sanctions to corner Turkey.

Russia too has expressed open regret over the Turkish action in Syria. Russian President Putin had warned Turkish President Erdogan, to rethink about the action. President Putin has demanded that no country should deploy its military without the Syrian consent. Iran also has opposed the Turkish action and has started war exercises near its border. European countries also have started preparations for harsh sanctions against Turkey and Netherlands has stopped the arms supply to Turkey.

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