If US delays military withdrawal, Turkey will strike Syria: Turkey Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu

Third World WarAnkara: The differences between the United States and Turkey have been intensified further due to the United States announcement related to the security of the Kurds to the US military withdrawal. ‘If the United States unnecessarily delays military withdrawal from Syria, the Turkish military would enter Syria and initiate attacks. Also, Turkey will not wait for anyone’s permission to do so,’ Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned. At the same time, reports are coming in which say that Turkey has increased the deployment of tanks and soldiers on the Syrian border.

US President Trump is firm on military withdrawal from Syria. Nevertheless, the US military cannot withdraw unless it receives a guarantee regarding the security of the Kurds in Syria, who helped the United States in the Syrian conflict, the Trump administration announced. The United States has appealed to Turkey not to target the Kurds in Syria. Objecting to the stand of the United States, Turkey has threatened to attack Syria.

foreign minister, turkey, us, syria‘Turkey has not initiated attacks on the Kurds in Syria as yet. However, if the United States delays withdrawal from Syria by giving unreasonable excuses, Turkey would certainly attack the Kurds. Furthermore, Turkey would not pay heed to any country for the attacks,’ the Turkish Foreign Minister warned. Even in the past, the Turkish Foreign Minister had threatened to attack the Kurds in Syria.

Turkey is reportedly said to have increased its military deployment along the Syrian border. The state-run news agencies have revealed the information regarding the military movements. Albeit, the human rights organisations in Syria, claimed that the Turkish military has already entered Syria. The human rights organisation has expressed fears that a conflict may likely spark in the next few hours as a fleet of Turkish military vehicles has already entered through the Northern Syrian border. The Turkish army movements near the Syrian border and the threats of attack on Syria have affected the Turkish currency, and the local newspapers have claimed that the Turkish Lira has fallen.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Turkish President Erdogan had announced that following the US military withdrawal, Turkey would shoulder the responsibility of the Syrian conflict with the help of Russia and Iran.

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