All restrictions removed in Jammu-Kashmir, announces government spokesman

Jammu: Restrictions have been lifted in 99% areas in Jammu-Kashmir. The post-paid mobile services here will be resumed from Monday. The announcement was made by Rohit Kansal, new spokesman of the J&K government. Curfew has already been withdrawn from most parts of Jammu-Kashmir. Restrictions continued in some parts because of security concerns. Kansal further clarified that these restrictions would also be removed.

All restrictions removed in Jammu-Kashmir, announces government spokesmanThe restrictions imposed following the scrapping of article 370 are withdrawn slowly. Only a few days ago, it was announced that tourist would be allowed to travel to Jammu-Kashmir. Still, Pakistan was carrying on with its malicious campaign that the curfew is being clamped in Jammu-Kashmir. Even the separatists from Jammu-Kashmir had opened a front. These malicious campaigns have been answered with this complete withdrawal of restrictions.

Restrictions in 99% of areas have been withdrawn and the people can move freely. Kansal clarified that the transport systems are also in order. Moreover, he also informed that the post-paid mobile services would be resumed from Monday. Kansal further said that the restrictions had been retained hardly in 8 to 10 police station areas. Kansal justified the restrictions saying that they were imposed to avoid any deaths due to terrorist activities.

Meanwhile, Pakistan accused the government of meting out injustice to the Jammu-Kashmir population by disrupting the mobile services. The separatist leaders were also trying to raise their voices against the ban. Former military officials warned that these same mobile services were being used by the separatists and terrorists to organised violent demonstrations and stone-pelting. The officials pointed out that there was no stone-pelting incident after disruption of the mobile services. The officials claimed that even if the mobile services remained disrupted in the future, it is necessary for the security in the region.

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