Turkey will launch the biggest military operation in the Syrian part under US control, announces Erdogan

Third World WarAnkara: Turkish President Recep Erdogan declared that the Turkish military will undertake the biggest counter terrorism action in the region east of the Euphrates River in northern Syria. President Erdogan clarified that this action will be against the Kurdish rebels having their influence over the region. The region on the east of the Euphrates River is under the control of the US military and the United States has declared support for the Syrian Kurds. Therefore, these Turkish attacks on the Kurds can become a challenge to the United States.

The announcement by the Turkish President makes it clear that the dispute between the United States and Turkey over the cooperation with Syrian Kurds is still simmering. The Turkish President gave the information about the action during a meeting two days ago. Erdogan said that the Turkish military has initiated counter terrorism action in northern Syria and the scope of the action will be increased in the near future. President Erdogan warned that the preparations for the Syrian action are complete and we will annihilate the terrorists hiding in the region to the east of Euphrates river.

A few hours before the announcement by President Erdogan, the Turkish military carried out attacks on the locations of the Kurdistan Peoples’ Party (YPG) in Syria. Before this the Turkish military had driven the YPG rebels out to the east of Euphrates from the Russian controlled territory on the west side of Euphrates River. But now it is clear from the Turkish President’s announcement that Turkey will be entering the region from the east of the Euphrates River through north Syria and attack the Kurdish rebels.

military operation-erdoganThis announcement by the Turkish President is claimed to be a warning for the United States. Turkey had alleged that the YPG is an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers party (PKK) from Turkey. Turkey had declared PKK as a terrorist organisation and Turkey has claimed that the YPG which is assisting the PKK is also a terrorist organisation. The Turkish leaders have accused that the United States support to YPG despite this, is a challenge to the integrity of Turkey.

But the United States has continued its support to YPG without paying any heed to the Turkish allegations. The United States lashed out at Turkey saying this organisation cannot be termed as a terrorist organisation. Therefore, it has been exposed to the world that severe differences have developed between the United States and Turkey over the Kurdish rebel organisations.

But since the last few days, the indications were that the United States and Turkey were coming to a consensus over Syria. Both the countries had taken a decision to carry out joint patrolling in certain regions of Syria. But after this a meeting was held between the heads of states of Russia, Germany, France and Turkey in Istanbul over the Syrian issue. The Turkish position seems to be changing again after this meeting and Turkey seems to have incited the United States with the announcement of carrying out attacks on the Kurdish locations in the region under control of the United States.

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