President Trump may attend opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

Washington: US President Donald Trump expressed a possibility of his attending the inauguration for the embassy in Jerusalem, after he declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. President Trump made this announcement after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the White House. Reactions are expected over this from the world over, including the Gulf countries.

US-embassyIsraeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the United States on Monday and discussed regarding the Jerusalem embassy, Iran and Palestine issues, with the US President at the White House. After these discussions with the Israeli Prime Minister, President Trump announced the possibility of his attending the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem. At the same time, President Trump declared that the US and Israel have been allies for generations and the US is committed towards protecting Israel. The US President further added, ‘Our prime object will be destroying the Iranian influence in the Gulf’.

President Trump made the historical announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel on the 4th of December last year. Everyone, right from the US’s European allies to the Arab-Gulf countries, criticised this announcement. Within two months of this criticism, President Trump announced commencement of the US embassy in Jerusalem by May in the last month. Now, President Trump’s announcement about his presence at the inauguration, will certainly evoke reactions.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence, the US Vice President issued a warning to Iran in ‘The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’ (AIPAC) annual meeting. Vice President Pence declared, ‘The US has prepared a plan for peace in the Middle East. There have to be some compromises, to establish peace. But US will not compromise on Israeli security. If any threat arises from Iran towards Israel, the United States will provide all possible help to Israel.’

In the same meeting, Nikki Haley, the US envoy to the UN declared complete US support for Israel and criticised the UN. The US will never tolerate any anti-Israel policies of the UN, said Haley.

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