Syrian army attack in Eastern Ghouta kills 50; UN stops humanitarian aid

Beirut/Geneva: Even after the declaration of the ceasefire by the UN, the Syrian army attacks in Eastern Ghouta continued claiming 50 lives. The United Nations (UN) convoy, sent for relief operations in Eastern Ghouta, have returned from there after the attacks. There are about 400 thousand civilians trapped in Eastern Ghouta and the UN relief for supplies of food and other essentials to them, have been stopped because of the Syrian army attacks. Therefore, these Syrian army attacks may have repercussions at the international level.

50 people were killed in the Syrian army attack on Douma region in ‘Eastern Ghouta’, on Monday. There are three children among the dead and 190 others have been injured. The count of the total casualties in Eastern Ghouta has reached 740 and the United States has alleged that Russia is responsible for this along with the Assad regime in Syria.

Syrian-army-attackSyria claimed that Eastern Ghouta has become the new centre for the rebels and hence, the Syrian army started air attacks in this area. Russia has taken a supportive stand towards the Syrian regime. While the UN, the United States and its allies have said that the 400 thousand civilians trapped in Eastern Ghouta are facing tremendous hardships. UN had claimed that these civilians were writhing for food and essential supplies. After this, the UN trucks left for this region along with humanitarian supplies. But the Syrian army has stopped these humanitarian supplies. The signs are that this will create ripples at the international level and the United States and its allies will not stop short of reprimanding the Syrian regime for its actions.

 Turkish attack on ‘Afrin’ kills 48 pro-Iran soldiers

48 were killed in the attacks launched against the Kurds by Turkey in ‘Afrin’, in northern Syria. It is claimed that soldiers from the Syrian Assad regime and pro-Iranian groups, fighting at the request from Kurds for the protection of ‘Afrin’ against Turkey, were killed.

The Turkish army launched severe attacks on ‘Bechet Ebdo’ area in Afrin. An officer informed that soldiers from the pro-Iranian, ‘Syrian People’s Forces’ (SPF) were killed in these attacks. Meanwhile, the United States action against the IS has been claimed to have dimmed because of the Turkish attacks.

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