Tension diffused but the problem persists on LAC: Army Chief General Naravane

New Delhi: Chief of the Army Staff, General Manoj Mukund Naravane, said that the solution to the tension on the LAC in Ladakh was to the satisfaction of both countries. The Army Chief pointed out that the LAC tension in Ladakh has not ended completely and there is a lot more to be achieved on that front. General Naravane clarified that the Indian defence forces are prepared to fight wars on both China and Pakistan fronts and the war on the internal level. Although the Indian Army Chief is expressing satisfaction on the LAC situation in Ladakh, it has been reported that China is sending the people, raising questions over the Galwan Valley conflict, to prison.


Tension diffused but the problem persists on LAC: Army Chief General NaravaneThe Army Chief clarified that the Army’s policy in this respect is ready, but it can not be revealed to the world. But General Naravane pointed out that the Army is overly cautious, even though the LAC tension is reducing. The Army has made preparations to fight a simultaneous war on China, Pakistan borders and the internal level. General Naravane asserted that the Army is ready to fight a war on these two and a half fronts.

Although, the Indian Army Chief has announced that the tension is defusing, China seems to be faced with a different challenge. Since the last eight months, China had deployed thousands of its soldiers on the LAC in Ladakh. China did not withdraw from the region, even after the Chinese soldiers froze in the Ladakh winter. China was grappled with the fear that a clear message that the Chinese Army cannot face the Indian Army will be delivered to the world if it withdrew. Therefore, China was adamant that India should withdraw from the LAC. Finally, China had to bow in front of the Indian resolve and withdraw its soldiers from the LAC in Ladakh. At the same time, it had to confess that five of its soldiers were killed in the Galwan conflict. While doing that, China even released a few videos. But the indications are that this information is boomeranging on China. Repercussions are being felt in the Chinese social media and many people have given hateful reactions against India. But some of the Chinese netizens have posed difficult questions to the Chinese agencies. Chinese investigative journalist and blogger Qiu Ziming asked the Chinese agencies, ‘Why did it take so long to reveal the information regarding the soldiers involved in the Galwan Valley conflict?’ Ziming also raised a caustic question ‘When India has accepted that 20 of its soldiers were martyred in the conflict, how is the number of Chinese soldiers killed in the conflict so less?Tension diffused but the problem persists on LAC: Army Chief General Naravane

Chinese agencies who are not used to answering questions have detained Ziming. It is claimed that he can be handed out a prison term of 10 years for asking such questions. Five more netizens from China have been detained. It is said that this arrest is under the charge of insulting the killed Chinese soldiers and the Chinese leadership. They could face a prison term of 3 years. Simultaneously, the social media account of a non-resident Chinese youth, aged 19, has been closed. China is taking these actions to coverup the failure in the Galwan Valley conflict and LAC’s withdrawal. The Chinese government delivers a clear message that no one has an option other than believing what the government tells you and no one can raise a question regarding the information.

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