Construction of ‘Next Generation Missiles Vehicles’ for the Indian Navy expedited, Cochin Shipyard wins contract worth ₹100 billion

New Delhi: Expeditious moves have started to build advanced warships, equipped with advanced indigenous missiles like BrahMos and Nirbhay. In shipbuilding, the leading government enterprise, Cochin Shipyards has been assigned the task of building ‘Next Generation Missiles Vehicles’ (NGMV). It has been announced that the Cochin Shipyard has been awarded a contract worth ₹100 billion to build these indigenous warships.


Last year, Minister of State for Defence, Shripad Naik informed that the union government will be making a provision of $51 billion, over the next ten years to make the Indian Navy stronger. Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik said that new warships, submarines, and other advanced defence equipment will be purchased under this. Naik had assured that stress will be on indigenous warships in line with the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat campaigns.

Construction of ‘Next Generation Missiles Vehicles’ for the Indian Navy expedited, Cochin Shipyard wins contract worth ₹100 billionThe Cochin Shipyard contract to build Next Generation Missiles Vehicles also seems to be a part of the same initiative. Accordingly, these warships will weigh 2,000 to 2,500 tonnes, and ninety naval soldiers and 11 officers will be onboard the vessels. The speed of these vessels will be 25 to 35 knots. As per indications, its range will be nearly 3,000 nautical miles. Each NGMV will be equipped with 8 Surface to Surface Missiles, Surface to Air Missiles, 15 KM Range MR Gun system, Electro-optically Guided Close in Weapon system and a Radar. Advanced supersonic missiles like BrahMos and Nirbhay can be deployed on these advanced indigenous warships. Indications of exporting these warships to other countries are also being received. India can supply these warships to the South East Asian countries in awe of the mighty Chinese Navy.

Prime Minister Modi also has announced that self-reliance in the defence sector will be the main objective in front of the country and special efforts will also be made to increase defence equipment exports. Accordingly, the target to export the indigenously built advanced warships and destroyers is being set.

The major countries of the world expect India to contribute as a democratic power for the security of the Indo-Pacific region, taking cognisance of the imbalance, instability, and insecurity created in the Indo-Pacific region view of the increasing Chinese military might. India has made preparations to respond to this. India is making the planned effort even in this direction. India has realised that it will have to consistently increase its naval might to face the challenge posed by the mighty Chinese Navy.

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